ACSI One-Day Event at Converge: Grow in Relationships

Town and Country - San Diego, San Diego, CA  
Tuesday, March 08, 2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM   iCalendar

God designed us for relationship.  Explore how to foster stronger relationships in your school community to create a caring environment that promotes flourishing the way God intends.  Perfect for all school leadership levels, glean deeper understanding of the relationship domain (part of ACSI’s Flourishing School Culture Model) and best practices utilizing ACSI’s Communities of Practice approach combining engaging learning, discussion, and action planning.

Learn from Dr. Larry Taylor, Dr. Lynn Swaner, Cindy Dodds, Dr. Jerry Eshleman, and Dr. Walter Strickland


Authentic & Active (Keynote)

Staying connected and developing productive and professional relationships takes time, work, and strategy. This session centers around building and enhancing “trust-filled, supportive, and authentic relationships among all school constituencies”. These key strategies to improve relational connections are critical to a healthy school couture and relevant for your current work environment and future community growth.

Humble & Hungry (Leadership Interdependence)

Examining and evaluating the preconditions and processes of “reaching out” and relying on those around us offset our weaknesses and leverage our strengths. This community of practice answers the fundamental question inherently posed in any interdependent situation, "Who is the smartest person in the room?" Key strategies will center around the importance of transparency and a diversity of experience, expertise, and wisdom.

Restoring Relationships by Renewing School Culture (Insular Culture)

Christian school leaders desire to develop robust relationships with their school’s community, current student body, and potential families. Beyond heart-felt words, a school’s culture reveals the likelihood of realizing that desire. This community of practice helps bring your heart-felt longing to build trust among every culture in your school and in the surrounding community to fruition by giving you the tools to identify and analyze critical components of your school’s culture that cause insularity. Together, we will explore how to renew a school’s culture to deepen and restore relationships.

For a group discount (3 or more), each person should register individually. Please note the discount will appear as a $60 reduction on the third individual registered (to account for the first three registrants) and a $20 reduction for each additional registrant.

This event is a pre-conference of the CONVERGE conference (March 8-10, 2022). Registration and attendance of the CONVERGE conference is separate and not required to participate in Grow in Relationships. 

Town and Country - San Diego  

500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108, US

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