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Discovery Education's flexible K-12 learning platform and its high-quality content, ready-to-use and customizable digital lessons, collaboration tools, and professional development resources give teachers everything they need to facilitate instruction and create a lasting educational impact while moving seamlessly between classroom, remote, and blended learning environments.


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Whether you are looking for inspiring videos, interactive activities, or complete, ready-to-use lessons, Discovery Experience has everything you and your students need to enhance learning.


Discovery Experience: Discover, Teach, and Grow


What is unique to Discovery Experience?

  • Instructional Resources
    • Student Learning Activities: Inspire curiosity around topics, places, experiences, career opportunities, and more by assigning these self-contained lesson activities for students.
    • Instructional Inspiration: A collection of grab-and-go lesson activities that combine Discovery Education content and SOSinstructional strategies into a flexible format for modification or turnkey assignment.
    • Experience will also provide access to many other enhancements in the new school year: including
      • English Language Learners (ELL) Channel
      • Phenomenal Science Channel
      • Student Learning Strategies (SOS) videos
      • Discover at Home Channel
      • New Augmented & Virtual Reality Content
      • Enhanced Digital Interactives
      • And much more!
Discovery Experience
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Order Form The 2021-22 school year subscription
  • Begins on September 1, 2021; ends on August 31, 2022.
  • Order by August 15 to receive the full-year subscription. 
  • Orders may be placed throughout the year (pricing will be prorated) but the subscription will still end on August 31, 2022.
  • Not available in Texas or in schools outside of the United States.
Discovery Experience
  • Access to all of Discovery Education Streaming plus an additional 40,000 multi-media assets.
  • Explore the options: See the differences between Discovery Streaming and Discovery Experience 
Blocking Content at the School Level
  • Access to content can be restricted by the school.
  • Call Discovery Education Customer Service Support: 800.323.9084 or email
Additional Information
  • Includes access to exclusive content such as: Discovery Channel's North America, How We Invented the World, Planet Earth, Life, Frozen Planet, and Curiosity.
  • Global Wrap: Through a partnership with news leader MacNeil Lehrer Productions, news summaries of the most pressing global news.
  • Board Builder: A digital platform to create projects and assignments for both teachers and students.
  • Student Access allows students to be manually or automatically imported, providing them access to K-12 appropriate digital content and teacher assignments
  • Platform Neutral: Entire digital library can be viewede on any device, including cell phones and tablets.
  • Closed Captioning: Available for over 85% of the video content.
  • Discovery Atlas Interactive Map: Take students on a trip around the world and explore different countries' culture, government, history, and environment.
  • Math overviews and explanations support students in exploring difficult math concepts.
  • STEM Connect brings to life real-world Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts connecting students to STEM curriculum and career development.
  • Cross-curricular media content uniquely engages digital learners.
  • Discovery Education content can be accessed directly from the internet or from a local server rather than from the Internet. Click here to learn more aobut hardware strategies and hardware solutions.
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