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Purposeful Design Publications Textbooks

Cultivating Transformation Through Educational Resources

Equipping describes the aim of Purposeful Design Publications - to make instructional materials and resources readily available to Christian educators and schools worldwide. It means putting carefully researched and developed, cutting-edge instructional tools into the hands of gifted and committed teachers, administrators, and school staff.

Inspiring describes the nature of the resources produced by Purposeful Design Publications - resources designed to intentionally draw the hearts and minds of students, teachers, administrators, and school staff to God, as Creator and Sustainer of all of life, including the life of the heart and mind.

Serving describes the commitment of Purposeful Design Publications - to provide meaningful information and dependable support for the textbooks and resources produced. It means on-site training, as well as telephone and e-mail access to subject-specific consultants to assist you with questions.

PDP Textbook Training Opportunities
PDP Textbook Training Opportunities
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